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About this website

I work with computers. Currently I work in academical research, but I have also quite a long experience in the industry. This website represents a sort of archive of photos and articles I want to share with the rest of the world.

I like to take photos of everything interesting I see around me. I often travel for various reasons and I have my camera with me most of the time. After many years of accumulating photos without any explanation on a personal website (but the same applies to Facebook or more specialized sites) I realized that it would be much more interesting to write a story to go together with the photos. What I saw and what I thought, impressions. And then keep these stories updated, since I often return several times in the same places: things change, I take new photos, I get new ideas.

All of this is also extremely useful to me, to remember places and feelings, but also to have a purpose in taking photos. Now I have to follow the thread of some kind of story and make sure the photos I take capture my ideas and feelings.

I also happen to write, from time to time, articles about other topics, usually related to information technology. In the past this website was organized as a blog, but recently I have reorganized it to be less dispersive and concentrate on the most interesting content. You can also read an history of this website.

Venza on the web

Here, in a nice alphabetical list, you can find links to most of my profiles on the Internet.

Older documents

  • Translation of the SocketCAN Linux API docs (EN)
  • Inetd and TCP Wrappers: (PDF)
  • Short HOWTO on the basics of SSH usage: (IT)
  • thread.c: sample C program describing the use of libpthread
  • HOWTO run a 2.6 kernel on Debian Woody (HTML, IT - not outdated, if you are still using Woody!)
  • A 2005 snapshot of the MESH network situation at the time
  • Introduction to the Intel IA-64 architecture