Bye bye swiss plates


With these I went up to Oslo and back, I made almost 30,000km in Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
With these I met a wonderful girl and made many friends, I moved all my stuff out of Switzerland under the nose of border guards and took three fines, all in France, all for speeding a few kilometres above the limit.
They are part of my history and if I could keep them, I would… but no, tomorrow I will go to the post office and send them away. They are needed for someone else.

To you, anonymous person in the Vaud canton, who will get them for your brand new car, best of luck, use them well and be careful of speed limits in France.

Dogane francesi


L’ufficio delle dogane francesi a Nizza si trova all’aeroporto, nella zona Cargo. È sufficiente seguire i cartelli ‘cargo’, lasciare un documento all’ingresso (non la carta d’identità, che serve dopo) e salire al primo piano, seguendo questa passerella che vedete in foto.

Si può andare lì per tutto, non solo per merci arrivate via aerea, ma anche per animali esotici, quadri o come nel mio caso, automobili…